Code: 7091857   Brand: TRAFALGAR   

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Under Occupational Health and Safety laws the employer must have procedures and systems in place (evacuation procedures, supervision, training, drills, communication, coordination, etc.) to protect employees and others in the workplace from harm
  • The Trafalgar megaphone with siren from will help ensure communication is clear between the Fire Warden and Employees
  • In the event of an emergency it is important that employees can hear directions to ensure their safety
  • The high-efficiency megaphone comes with built-in switches to play siren, whistle and foghorn sounds
  • 20 watt power, and a loud siren
  • Sound distance is 50-100m (depending on opened or closed space)
Type: Megaphone with Siren
  • Noise level: 115db(A)
  • Power: 20 watt
  • Colour: Navy/White
  • OEM: B852516